Saturday, August 28, 2010

RC's Story of THE Ring :)

Years before, I gave a damn detail on the cut, carat, clarity and color of my "engagement-ring-to-be". I woke up this morning in a room darkly lit (*weird*), with only candle lights. The good thing is, foggy sa Tagaytay kaya kahit umaga na at medyo rainy - madilim pa.

Having the Taal Volcano view, with petals on the floor, balloons in the air, a BIG heart pillow with "i love you" word, three bars of chocolates, a dozen of red flowers, a delicious chocolate cake, and finally a bountiful breakfast in bed. I was wondering, where was my friend sleeping beside me?

When a very familiar man, went down on his knees while opening a box and asked me, " ASAWA KO, WILL YOU MARRY ME?" Crying, not sure if everything was just a dream or what, having the morning breathe and the morning glory (haha!!) and my hair all messed up I answered him, "EVERYDAY ASAWA KO, YES I WILL MARRY YOU!" Not giving a damn on how my ring looked like. Because all i cared about that time was how did all that happen when i was just right on the bed sleeping? He's such a genius doing all that with the help of our friends and oh with all fairness my RING WAS JUST SIMPLY SOOOO FANTABULOUS, THE WAY I JUST DREAMED IT TO BE! :)(credits to jewelry by franco)

It ain't gonna be too soon though. That was just his way of asking me to save a date for our dream wedding. He is the sweetest! 5 years in the making and engagement na ito! haha! Plus years pa in the making for our dream wedding! yay! I'm officially engaged to MARK HANZEL ANIS. (08-05 to 06-10)