Saturday, August 28, 2010

RC & Mark ~ Tagaytay with a Twist

After a few months of silence from the time we launched this site, I finally have the courage to write a blog. YES folks, they will be the first couple that will be featured on this blog post :) Though they aren't the first ones whom we did an engagement ring for, there's something about them that deserves to be the FIRST to be posted on this blog :) Awesomeness!! :)

Meet Mark, who like Erick (my hubby) is an Engineer :)

I got an inquiry from Mark thru my e-mail around 11am. At 2pm, when me and Erick are about to enter the movie house, I got a call from him asking me if I already e-mailed back. Obviously, I haven't. I told Mark, I will get back to him as soon as I can. Actually, I answer e-mails during the night before going to bed ;) Around 7pm when we got home, I'm supposed to answer him back but then again, my phone rang and it was Mark. Needless to say, I already spared my fingers typing. The deal was closed. Every Tuesday we had a meeting in Alabang for the details of THE engagement ring. It's like Tuesday's with Morie :) After weeks of meeting, THE ring was finally made!

Meet RC, who like me is a Nurse :) Cool, glamorous and a total fashionista :) I hope I'm as pretty as her.

After she got THE engagement ring, we exchanged e-mails about ideas for the wedding. I received countless words of appreciation from her, on how she LOVED her ring! :) Ofcourse, being the jeweler, my heart jumped up and down after hearing that :) But it won't happen if it was really for Mark. Who reserved his Tuesday lunch breaks for our conferences, discussing every bit of THE detail. Well girl, after meeting you, you really deserve it!! :)

Below are the pictures from the proposal, with the permission from the couple ofcourse. I hope you enjoy it! :)