Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Little Brother

When my brother finally arrived after months of abscence in the land (literally speaking because of his work hehe), he finally decided to get married. He made hints already last year but I did not bother because I want to think of it as a joke. But after all my disbelief, I need to accept that he will finally do it. Maybe that's the normal reaction of being an "ate" or maybe I'm not normal? ;)

Ofcourse, being the jeweler-sister that I am, he tasked me to do all the thinking for him. He wants it simple. He wants the engagement ring to look EXACTLY as mine! OMG! Are you sure? Like mine? So, I don't need to think, right? :)

The good thing is, I documented some of our previous works and showed him these samples. Maybe I'll make little adjustments so that hers will be unique in a way :)

The next question is, "will the rock be bigger than mine?" :) Hmmm...maybe this is my time to think. We'll find out on my next post ;)