Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Engagement Rings Stories

This week, we got an appointment from two new clients who are both from overseas. They do not know each other, by the way. They went to Manila for a vacation and at the same time discuss with us their dream bling blings ;) We are fortunate to do it and be chosen by them :)

The first design is for a guy who just wants a classic simple look. A classic look with a 0.75 carat rock! How simple is that? ;)

The second one is for the girl who wants to reset her ring to a more blingy one. With the permission from his hubby-to-be ofcourse.

Initially, this is the ring that was given to her by fiance'. A 0.70 carat princess cut diamond.

Not bad right? She wants me to reset it to this:

COOL! Even better, right? The next day, I got 3 or 4 e-mails from her saying that she wants to change the design to a more blingy one. She even sent me these pictures for my reference. When I say blingy, it's LITERALLY blingy! :)

To her excitement, she even sent me her own interpretation of the ring :)

Even I is excited on how this ring will look like ;)I bet she will be the envy of all the girls who will see her ring. Count me in!