Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Engagement Rings Stories

This week, we got an appointment from two new clients who are both from overseas. They do not know each other, by the way. They went to Manila for a vacation and at the same time discuss with us their dream bling blings ;) We are fortunate to do it and be chosen by them :)

The first design is for a guy who just wants a classic simple look. A classic look with a 0.75 carat rock! How simple is that? ;)

The second one is for the girl who wants to reset her ring to a more blingy one. With the permission from his hubby-to-be ofcourse.

Initially, this is the ring that was given to her by fiance'. A 0.70 carat princess cut diamond.

Not bad right? She wants me to reset it to this:

COOL! Even better, right? The next day, I got 3 or 4 e-mails from her saying that she wants to change the design to a more blingy one. She even sent me these pictures for my reference. When I say blingy, it's LITERALLY blingy! :)

To her excitement, she even sent me her own interpretation of the ring :)

Even I is excited on how this ring will look like ;)I bet she will be the envy of all the girls who will see her ring. Count me in!

My Little Brother

When my brother finally arrived after months of abscence in the land (literally speaking because of his work hehe), he finally decided to get married. He made hints already last year but I did not bother because I want to think of it as a joke. But after all my disbelief, I need to accept that he will finally do it. Maybe that's the normal reaction of being an "ate" or maybe I'm not normal? ;)

Ofcourse, being the jeweler-sister that I am, he tasked me to do all the thinking for him. He wants it simple. He wants the engagement ring to look EXACTLY as mine! OMG! Are you sure? Like mine? So, I don't need to think, right? :)

The good thing is, I documented some of our previous works and showed him these samples. Maybe I'll make little adjustments so that hers will be unique in a way :)

The next question is, "will the rock be bigger than mine?" :) Hmmm...maybe this is my time to think. We'll find out on my next post ;)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

RC's Story of THE Ring :)

Years before, I gave a damn detail on the cut, carat, clarity and color of my "engagement-ring-to-be". I woke up this morning in a room darkly lit (*weird*), with only candle lights. The good thing is, foggy sa Tagaytay kaya kahit umaga na at medyo rainy - madilim pa.

Having the Taal Volcano view, with petals on the floor, balloons in the air, a BIG heart pillow with "i love you" word, three bars of chocolates, a dozen of red flowers, a delicious chocolate cake, and finally a bountiful breakfast in bed. I was wondering, where was my friend sleeping beside me?

When a very familiar man, went down on his knees while opening a box and asked me, " ASAWA KO, WILL YOU MARRY ME?" Crying, not sure if everything was just a dream or what, having the morning breathe and the morning glory (haha!!) and my hair all messed up I answered him, "EVERYDAY ASAWA KO, YES I WILL MARRY YOU!" Not giving a damn on how my ring looked like. Because all i cared about that time was how did all that happen when i was just right on the bed sleeping? He's such a genius doing all that with the help of our friends and oh with all fairness my RING WAS JUST SIMPLY SOOOO FANTABULOUS, THE WAY I JUST DREAMED IT TO BE! :)(credits to jewelry by franco)

It ain't gonna be too soon though. That was just his way of asking me to save a date for our dream wedding. He is the sweetest! 5 years in the making and engagement na ito! haha! Plus years pa in the making for our dream wedding! yay! I'm officially engaged to MARK HANZEL ANIS. (08-05 to 06-10)

RC & Mark ~ Tagaytay with a Twist

After a few months of silence from the time we launched this site, I finally have the courage to write a blog. YES folks, they will be the first couple that will be featured on this blog post :) Though they aren't the first ones whom we did an engagement ring for, there's something about them that deserves to be the FIRST to be posted on this blog :) Awesomeness!! :)

Meet Mark, who like Erick (my hubby) is an Engineer :)

I got an inquiry from Mark thru my e-mail around 11am. At 2pm, when me and Erick are about to enter the movie house, I got a call from him asking me if I already e-mailed back. Obviously, I haven't. I told Mark, I will get back to him as soon as I can. Actually, I answer e-mails during the night before going to bed ;) Around 7pm when we got home, I'm supposed to answer him back but then again, my phone rang and it was Mark. Needless to say, I already spared my fingers typing. The deal was closed. Every Tuesday we had a meeting in Alabang for the details of THE engagement ring. It's like Tuesday's with Morie :) After weeks of meeting, THE ring was finally made!

Meet RC, who like me is a Nurse :) Cool, glamorous and a total fashionista :) I hope I'm as pretty as her.

After she got THE engagement ring, we exchanged e-mails about ideas for the wedding. I received countless words of appreciation from her, on how she LOVED her ring! :) Ofcourse, being the jeweler, my heart jumped up and down after hearing that :) But it won't happen if it was really for Mark. Who reserved his Tuesday lunch breaks for our conferences, discussing every bit of THE detail. Well girl, after meeting you, you really deserve it!! :)

Below are the pictures from the proposal, with the permission from the couple ofcourse. I hope you enjoy it! :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

About Us

Jewelry by Franco is a jewelry manufacturing company which was born from the Love of UNIQUE and AMAZING HANDCRAFTED Jewelry. QUALITY is the most important trait we highlight and practice – Quality of Service and Quality Products.

We personally create every handmade jewelry item for every client. Thus, we do not have a stock of any of our items shown on this web site. All other components, such as diamonds, pearls, coloured stones specified by our clients are may be provided or sourced separately.

Whatever your taste, may it be contemporary or traditional jewelry we can handcraft it to suit your preference.

We were lucky to be part of the conceptualization and production of magnificent creations of various clients with their unique ideas of their requirements. It has been our goal to meet and exceed our client's expectations in materializing their priceless concepts. This has been our reputation and continues to grow further as more clients share with us more challenging designs, concepts and ideas.

We take great pride in our craftsmanship, backed by years of experience in personally manufacturing a wide variety of jewelry, which consists or a combination of diamonds, precious stones, platinum, gold and silver. Outstanding crafted quality jewelry which looks amazing is a product of our exceptional creative skill and knowledge.


Ladies Rings, Pendants & Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Anklets


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If you would like to see more of our collection, or have an enquiry regarding something you would like made, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us and if a consultation is required, we recommend an appointment to be made for us to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of your concepts.